Madness [between] two

madness [between] two
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I'm sure this is the part where I'm supposed to write something witty and entertaining but...I got nothin'. Inside you will find a journal that has been around since I was about 14 years old - most of which I like to pretend I never wrote. If I update nowadays, it has to be something real good, so stay tuned...

Frankly, my life is made up of very simple things: 1) I am, at my core, a fangirl. Whether it's a tv show, a couple, a person, a book, an event, or anything else you can imagine, fangirling is in my blood; 2) My life goal is to become Socrates and be paid for it. I am working toward becoming a professor of philosophy; 3) I love Dick Van Dyke. All aspects of old Hollywood are very dear to me, but Dick Van Dyke has and forever will hold a special place in my heart.